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COST EFFECTIVE: In-house engineering and manufacturing allows the most cost effective pretreat solutions.

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The PEARL Elite Pretreatment Machine is the ultimate pretreat machine. PEARL Elite Pretreater is fabricated from premium materials, the PEARL Elite works just as good as it looks.  A fully enclosed spray area and the patent pending internal filtration system guarantee zero pretreat emissions. The touch screen interface provides intuitive user control. Advanced features such as a cycle counter, level meter, production calculator and savable settings ensures consistent production.

Small Compact Design 19.5″ x 28″ x 19.5″ that can fit anywhere!



PEARL Elite Pretreatment Machine Unique Features:

- Flexible and Consistent Spray Amount Adjustment: 20~100

- Flexible and Accurate Spray Length Adjustment: 1 inches to 20      inches

- Quick and Easy Preset Options: Allows you to save multiple              settings (spray amount & length)

- Touch Screen Control

- Daily Spray Amount Counter: Counts how many garments were      produced daily/weekly basis

- Easy to Clean, Almost No Overspray, Consistent Spray Pattern

- Air Exhaust Vent: No Pretreatment build ups

- Pretreatment Cost Calculator: Pretreat Cost Calculator

  calculates the actual cost of pretreatment being used depending    on your settings.

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